Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bloody Love #Hashtags !!

A hashtag is # followed by a brief description of the subject you wish to promote. Tweeters can search for a particular hashtag to show who is tweeting about that subject.. for example, #ge2010 was the recent General (ly bad) Election, #PMQs = Prime Minister's Question Time. You can watch TV and tweet about it, #glee for "Glee" obv and #HIGNFY is "Have I Got News For You" and so on..

There is a wonderful "Club" on Twitter, hosted nightly by @tchee , who *throws open the doors* at 1 am every morning, for insomniacs, night workers, drunks and nutters alike.. A search column can be opened, revealing all the #1AMClub members online. @tchee *pours drinks* and *puts nuts on the bar* whilst catching up with everyones' news... Occasionally, @dnsnow brings some friends along to add to the fun!


Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I am rather keen on #hashtags... It has got to be such an addiction that I even try to use them in real life #honestinjun . My tags tend to be *slightly* longer than most and I make them up at will..

Here are some of my recent favourites:





These next two are both of the maximum 140 character limit...


And a few minutes later I had to tweet an apology...


This tweet followed another which led to a #fight between me & my mate Jilly @jilllaker

Who's Hashtag Is Greater? @humphreycushion #thinksshesgonnagetlucky VERSUS @JillLaker #doilooklikeihaveaprivatejet One way 2 find out....

Made me laugh anyway #fact

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