Friday, 28 May 2010

Why I *heart* Twitter

Twitter has taken over my life. It has become the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I *waves* goodnight to. How did that happen? I opened my Twitter account in December, after reading a newspaper article about @kerryMP and @stephenfry. Slowly, it has consumed me.. I have a passion for the English language and so have never enjoyed reading or writing "Text Talk", it irritates me so much.. (However, one of my favourite tweeters is @Lindylooz who tweets in text-talk. I cant understand a word of it but it makes me *chortle* every time I re-tweet her to my followers)

It has got so bad that I even *speak* Twitter now.... I tell my kids that I love them *muchly* and give them verbal *snuggles*... Arghhh! One of the things that most appeals to me is the challenge of writing a whole paragraph in just 140 characters. You can use just one word, for example #fail to show your disapproval of the subject, which changes the whole tweet.

#fail is also Multi-Lingual..It is used by Spanish, Chinese, Germans.. a quick search of the #fail hashtag reveals all..  (More on hashtags in "Bloody Love Hashtags"...surprising, I know.

There is even a "Twitter Artist", @johannabasford who undertakes 24 hour compositions, drawing up tweeters ideas live via webcam. A project she names "Twitterpicture". Johanna also creates a monthly Twitter Calendar !

One of my joys is the characters tweeters portray, some simply made up characters, others spoofs of celebrities. My favourites include @mrsstephenfry who tweets about her life with Stephen Fry and their numerous made up children. Sometimes the real Stephen Fry responds to her which is heavenly.

My very favourite spoof tweeter is the fabulous @ericpickled, a spoof of the Conservative, newly appointed Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The real Eric is a portly figure and his spoof tweeter always slips in a pie reference or two into his tweets. His Bio reads: "I'm a pie eating machine and my views are all mine. Just like the pies" I am truly, madly in love with @ericpickled and bake *virual pies* for him and am hoping to marry him and make baby pickled cushions..

Currently on Twitter, @hayfestival are hosting a "Most Beautiful Tweet" competition, to be judged by Stephen Fry himself. Tweeters send in their best 140 character tweets.  Myself and @ericpickles have entered love poems to each other.. I am *sure* we will win....

And those are some of the reasons why I *heart* Twitter..... *nuzzles*

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