Sunday, 23 May 2010

Twitterarmy Triumphs, Dorries fails to give due credit..

At the risk of you all thinking that I am obsessed with Nadine Dorries...and thus stalking/emailing her constantly...this post is, yet again based on Her Najesty. I think it is because she irritates me so much that I simply have to rant at someone!

So, latest Dorries news item: "Tweet delete for MP" (via @gilesthomas with grateful thanks)

Nadine yet again blames Tim Ireland for her woes.. Rather than admit that the onslaught by our Twitter Army following her Dr Death tweet caused her to retreat from Twitter quick smart! A quick Topsy search shows the volume of tweets her nasty, victorious tweet about Dr Evan losing his Oxford seat created. A flurry of new hashtags promptly appeared, including #sackdorries and #twitterarmy

It seems that every time Nadine Dorries opens her mouth in public, she reveals her true self. That is the reason she has been silenced, not because Tim Ireland or any of her other alleged "stalkers" are endangering her reputation or safety in any way.

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